{*Please Help A Friend*}

No pretty picture today gang, just some words. My friend from high school, Christina, has lost her father. She's the only living member of her family and is struggling to make funeral costs. This brings me to absolute tears because I watched my mom plan her soulmate and my step fathers service not long ago and the thought of anyone having to go at it alone, really really upsets me.

I honestly can't say enough about her, she goes around the country educating people about HIV, she volunteers, she is *the most* SELFLESS person I have ever ever ever known! Words can't even explain how much good she does!

I used a lot of the money from last nights sales to help her and if you could give her $5, $10, whatever, it would be *amazing*. I know it's so hard to donate with todays economy, but really anything helps!

Thanks *so* much taking the time to read this!

More info can be found here!