{*~June's Lofty Goals~*}


Happy Monday!

I had such a fun weekend. And by fun I mean, laziest weekend EVER. I got caught up on two of my favorite shows, Fairly Legal & Bones. Both had total cliffhanger season finales. I made some pouches. I did some embroidery. I ate cake. I went to the movies (The Hangover 2 if your curious!). Ate yogurt. Slept late. Re-read the entire "fever" series. Wore pjs past noon. It was pretty good.

But now it's MONDAY. Back to WORK! I have a giant list for the month of June. Want to hear some of my June goals?

  • Sew Date with Tracey!
  • Three new patterns for The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.
  • Finish the last of Star-y Log Cabin. I'm tongue tied at the moment. I have so much to say but I feel like I'm giving TMI and just becoming confusing.
  • Camp!
  • We are going to a wedding this month & I think this might be the perfect gift?!
  • Keeping up with my garden. We are using some great plant food stakes and liquid food, I think that combined with the strange cold weather has made everything go crazy. So far I've been able to harvest kale 6x!
  • More yoga! I've been going 3x a week but I want to go more. It's so fun.
  • Sew a Jane Market Bag for all my embroidery supplies! I like excuses to be organized and make more bags! BUT. This pattern uses 1/2 yds and I literally don't own a single 1/2 yard right now. What the WHAT?
  • Do a scrap swap with Angela for our Farmer's Wife QAL.
  • Finish my star bed quilt! I have 25 out of 61 blocks done.
  • I really want to make Swoon this summer.
  • Silkscreen fabric for pouches.
  • Craft Dates with Smash.
  • Find another great series to get lost in. I'm starting to feel like I've read everything out there!
  • Start another e-course!


Do you have any goals for this month???