{*~Bloggy Love Day! Quilt Trippin!~*}

Hi All!!! Welcome to Bloggy Love Day!!!!!

Pat very kindly invited me to take part....so here goes!


#1 What is your most interesting or unusual item in your studio?


I am a little thing collector. If it sparkles, is Japanese kawaii or is stationary based...I gotta have it. Here are a few of my small collections! They are a little unusual...Chop thinks I'm secretly a magpie ;)

Ashleigh recently made me a ceramic little guy. Gray is my FAVORITE color. I keep my hand quilting threads in him. He's sitting on top of one of my FAVORITE japanese cat tea towels (Shinzi Katoh if your curious!)

My favorite tape measure! His little cactus arm pulls out! So you can measure stuff! I love him SO much.

I collect fishing lures! Each and every time we go somewhere, I'm buying a sparkly lure/fly. The more glitter, the better. Weird shapes? Awesome. Fake bugs? I'm so there! These are a handful of my collection, I think I have about 25 now. I keep them on the windowsill in front of my sewing machine, when the light hits them they throw little shiny spots onto whatever I'm sewing.

Oh boy. I am OBSESSED with these. I collect shaped paper clips. I also have bunnies, unicorns and pigs. I'm hoping eventually to own all of them. They make boring things suddenly fun, contracts, organizing invoices, etc. Who can deny a smile when your stuff is held together with a whale?!


#2 Who would you like to hang out with for a day and why?

Hands down, without a doubt. MARU!!!! He's the cutest cat EVER!!!! I'd swim to Japan if I thought I could meet him. He's very pudge-y, a little grumpy, he jumps into boxes, makes cute videos. He seriously is the greatest creature EVER!!!!!!! My day isn't complete until I check out his blog and see what he's been up too!

#3 What is your top tip?

(embroidery pattern by Wild Olive)

Ok this is a new tip!

If you aren't familiar with my blog, I co-own The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, which is a LOT of cute cross stitch patterns. Well, with cross stitch (and embroidery!), you separate your skein of embroidery floss. I love Cosmo floss and don't want to waste or lose any! Now, I don't know about you, but I love scrapbook paper. It is so freaking AWESOME. But I don't scrapbook. Like, at all. So now I buy a cute sheet of paper and cut in into pieces. The size doesn't pattern, I usually do 6.5 x 3.5 inches, then I hole punch spots for the floss and for a safety pin. I keep multiple thread cards together with the safety pin and then loop the threads through the holes to keep them organized. I stick a bit of washi tape on the bottom if they are threads I'm using for a specific project! Easy peasy and you stay nice and organized. Plus, it's an excuse to buy cute paper! I keep another group of cards for hand quilting threads.

Be sure to stop by these great gals blogs today, they will be answering the same questions and sharing their tips & tricks! Say hi to them and fall in love with their great creations!


Thanks again Pat for inviting me! Her blog is full of great quilt-y stuff (the above ladies as well too!!!) and her radio show is top notch!

Tomorrow I'll be posting my Farmer's Wife Week 4! I'll see you tomorrow!