{*~This Week~*}

This was such an exciting week! I'll begin by saying that my camera battery is charging so you'll have to forgive my iphone photos k?

I finished Colette's Ginger! I learned how to install an invisible zipper although mine isn't super invisible and I learned how to use the blind hem foot (#5) for my sewing machine! It fits great. I started out making the size 18, the waist band was too big so I kept trimming it down, I think I should have done a size 16, I think I could take in a little bit of the A-line but for the time being, I really like it.

I made whole wheat garlic onion pretzel bites! I got this recipe from King Arthur Whole Grains Cookbook

I'm waiting anxiously for my pumpkin plant to do SOMETHING. It has had so many blossoms but no pumpkins! COME ON PUMPKINS!!!!!!

My bangs are finally long enough to pull back. I seriously regret cutting my hair in April but now it can be pulled into a small little pony tail (Chop calls it a stump?!).

I made some Farmer's Wife blocks this week! I'll blog about these later on.

Started making plans for another FW block.

Made some progress on my cross stitch. Until I snagged a slub in the fabric and am unsure what do next! It's on the left hand side of the top right orange square. Bummer dude.


last but not least!

My quilt made it into the final ten!!!!!! Last night I assumed I was out of the running, there were some really awesome and beautiful quilts entered. Imagine my shock when I saw I was still in it!

I'd honestly be SO grateful and appreciative if you would take a second and VOTE FOR ME! I love this quilt so so so much and hope you do too!!! Voting will continue until September 1st, so I'll be mentioning this again and often (sorry in advance!) and if you'd be so inclined to spread the word to your friends, I'd be SO jazzed!

Tomorrow is my canning class in Redding! I'm really excited, we'll be making plum vanilla preserves and smoke-y bbq sauce.

I have so much more to share but this post is already gigantic. Maybe Sunday I'll write more ;)