{*~Sewing Summit: Wednesday~*}

I don't even know where to begin you guys!!!! I start to cry like a weenie whenever I think about it and start to see photos.

This was seriously an amazing trip! SERIOUSLY! Sewing Summit totally was incredible!

I'm going to have to break this up into multiple posts because there is so much to say! Is that ok with you??? I just don't want to forget to mention anyone! And if I had my way, each person I hung out with would have their own blog post because I hung out with some EPIC ladies!!!!! (especially the cutie Iowa broads! OH, FOR CUTE!) I can't even get into how much I freaking LOVE all the gals I met & hung out with. I like, want to invent a transporter so I can hang out with them always!

Also, I didn't bring a camera. Crazy right? I only had my phone. I've been getting photos from friends all day, once I organize them I'll post about my pals more, I have...get ready...only 7 photos of friends on my phone!

(Angelune gave me a Toronto mug. I wish I was there ALWAYS!)


So I flew out of Sacramento on Wednesday & arrived in Salt Lake at like 12:45. I downloaded the delta airlines app so I could track Karyn & Katherine's flight. I only had to wait like, 25 minutes for their flight to land and I met them at their gate. It was amazing to be able to meet them! They both spoiled me rotten and even Angelune sent me a present! what! So sweet!!!

Aren't they adorable??? It was seriously like hanging out with the cool kids. They were always dressed amazing, incredibly sweet, super talented...just GREAT gals. I won't lie, I was intimidated. When I first moved to CA I was kind of hip. I dressed all cute. I was city-ish. Now I am country bumpkin status. But thankfully they liked me.

Salt Lake City was so beautiful. Our room was big and amazing. Katherine & I sat in our room & chatted & stitched & shared my minky blanket & just were COZY while Karyn napped. I started an embroidery & worked on Damson. Both are coming along nicely.

Ok! I'll be back tomorrow to talk about Thursday! Beware, it's going to get reallllyyyyy photo heavy!!!!

If I'm in any of your photos, please tag me on flickr! I want to be able to post tons!!!! I loved meeting everyone and want to relive like, EVERY SECOND.

true story!