Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-Long

Woo woo!

Farmering! Farmering! Farmering!

This week taught me something new! Y Seams. And wow am I BAD at them. Faith has a nice tutorial I used and I'm pretty sure if I had just winged it myself I would have had a coronary. Do you guys know Faith? She's a popular quilter and pretty cute and has a sweet sister who went with her to Sewing Summit!

I know my block isn't perfect so I'm going to sew it again soon. I shouldn't have used that middle fabric, it's an older Japanese fabric (I think Trefle?) that is a waffle weave- think thermal shirt fabric but thin like double cotton gauze. It was a little tricky to work with! But I'm SUPER glad I gave it a try. I like this quilt because it's helping me learn new things for sure!

My blocks this week are:

Whirlwind, Homemaker (with the y seam) and Single Wedding Star. I'm up to 55 blocks! I love seeing them all stacked in a pile. It makes me feel EXCITED.

I'm thinking about switching out some of the blocks. I was exploring EQ7 this morning and saw some blocks I'd LOVE to have in my quilt but I didn't have enough to justify making the king sized quilt (that's 145 blocks!) If I swap out any blocks I'll post the foundation pdfs so if you wanted to switch out a block you could too!

Here are some Farm related things I find inspiring:

You really should check out the pool, there is SO much inspiration in there!!!
This is my kawaii laptop...haha! I found the icons here.

Have a good Wednesday!