Neutral Thoughts

20111214-134614.jpg This morning I was knitting, waiting for coffee to finish brewing & the sun to warm our backyard enough so I could do yard work when I realized I'm obsessed with neutrals. Like, can't get enough. I'm subconsciously surrounding myself with them.

My favorite quilt. My current favorite sweet; Hershey's Hugs with their sparkly gold wrapper. My knitting, Pigeonroof Studios in Winter Birch. My wish list of a Le Creuset oval roaster in Linen or Dune.

I find it's all I want to create with lately. And it's making me use color very deliberately & sparingly. I'm kind of day dreaming of turning the remainder of my neutrals into a bed sized quilt. With puffy wool batting. Doesn't that sound cozy? I just love these shades & tones, it's very calming & reminds me of winter light. It's very sunny here but kind of a milky soft sunshine. Does that make sense? I've tried to photograph it but it's just not working!

Do you find you are obsessed with a color scheme? Like when you look through your pinterest or Flickr, do you see a color theme? I know certain friends remind me of certain colors, Karyn is blue, Katherine is soft creamy yellow & PKM is red!