Aurifil 2012: March!

Oh yes! It's March which means it's a new month in the quilt-a-long!

I have to say, I really love how unique each designer is in this group. I love reading about each one, how they work & what inspired their blocks. One thing I've noticed is everyone (so far!) learned to stitch when they were young! I only learned handwork 5-6 years ago! I wish I had the years of skills these ladies have! Look how perfect that chain stitch is (I'm pretty sure it's called chain stitch?!)

My favorite part is looking at other people's work spaces. Look at Victoria's! It's incredible. Look at all those windows! eep!

Don't forget that if you stitch along and enter into the flickr pool you can win $100 of aurifil threads! yahoo!!!

And! Victoria runs a charity quilt group, which I'm keeping bookmarked. I donated my first 5 quilts to various charities & I'm always on the look out for more to give things too!

March is already amazingly crazy fun! The Pumpkin's are hard at work and we've released a new pattern on facebook only! It's a cute March themed one, swing by and check it out!

I have 3 WIPs this month, I'll blog about them later this week! And I might review a pattern I've recently made. I'm not sure if I'm qualified to review a pattern but it might be fun to share some of my thoughts with you!

I had plans of running errands this morning, I woke up seeing sunshine & I thought...ICED COFFEE. Then I stepped outside, 30 mph winds and it's 42 degrees. Haha! I think I'll be working at home & drinking something warm. Spring fever is playing tricks with me! ;)