Quilt in Progress

I started a new quilt this week!

The pattern is called Outfox the Fox by Lizzy House. I am TERRIBLE at using patterns and this just CLICKS. The way she has it written and laid out is perfect. Really easy to make it bigger or smaller, it's just GREAT.

We need a quilt for our bed for spring/summer. Right now we have a wool quilt and it's SO perfect for fall/winter but too much in the summer.

Here is our bed currently:

To be specific, this is my side of the bed. My side has extra quilts & blankets because I'm constantly freezing. Right now I'm using my Modern Maples on top, the pattern can be found in Quilt Dad's Pretty in Patchwork: Holiday book if you'd like to make one too! It's big enough to cover all of my side of the bed. Plus I have a voile & minky blanket, a linen & Neptune quilt and our wool quilt. Like I said, I freeze. The hot cocoa flannel sheets are from Garnet Hill last year and they are the softest, silliest things ever. Can you tell lately I love hot pink, dusty lilac, gray and brown?!

I never blogged this pillow I made, it's a simple basket block but I used Lizzy's peach jewel print from Outfoxed for the background and I LOVE IT. I'm going to use it for my Outfox The Fox Quilt! I love that it looks like peachy white but it's SO MUCH BETTER than that. The jewels are one of my FAVORITE Lizzy things. When I saw this quilt at her house I kind of latched onto it...I might have asked if I could sneak it home...if I had an unlimited budget I would love to have made this pattern in Hello Pilgrim but I went with my stash instead. (Budget Gold Star?! ;))

I'm just waiting for the yardage to arrive so I can finish it up and send it off to Lindsay to work her magic. I can't even begin to express how much I *love* her quilting, I have another quilt to show you guys that she quilted for me that is REALLY rad! She's pretty much the cutest thing.

In exciting news, The Pumpkins are having a SALE! You can get Fruit of the Month between now and March 31st for only $10! That's rad right?! It'll give you guys something fun to work on in between the desserts. Also, come visit us on facebook! We like adding your photos to our facebook page so folks can see the stuff you guys create!