Pow Wow Quilt

Last week I made myself a new little quilt.

I love little lap quilts. I like knitting in bed with one on my lap or sitting outside in the evenings with one. I saw Allison, Cluck Cluck Sew, had a new quilt pattern, Pow Wow & I knew I wanted to make one ASAP.

I've never used one of her patterns before and this was so easy, so well written...it was seriously perfect. Sometimes I don't want to *think* when I sew, I want to just space out, chain piece and listen to music. This quilt fit the bill perfectly. She gives you all the info you need in a very easy to understand manner. One of my favorite things is she marks each size quilt separately in nice & neat little boxes, I hate when a pattern gives you 5 quilt sizes and they are all jumbled up within the pattern and you have to hunt around for your size. I'm going to buy more of her patterns now that I know how great & easy they are! (ps: I'm not being compensated for this review, I purchased the pattern myself & while I've met Allison, she doesn't know I'm reviewing it or anything. Just so you know this is an impartial review ;))

I'm kind of obsessed with hot pink & navy blue right now so I used some scraps and random pieces for this. And then I added a sneaky little mustard yellow in there for good measure. My background fabric is Lizzy House's Outfoxed Peach jewels. I'm so obsessed with this fabric, I've already mentioned that before but it's the most perfect background color, I have 3 quilts now with that as the background. In some photos it shows pink, in some it shows a cool white, in some a peach. It's really versatile.

I used a bunch of voile for the back, various squares and left over pieces, it's so soft. It has the Quilter's Dream Orient batting which is one of my favorites, silk/bamboo/tencel. Oh! And I used Lizzy's candlesticks in the peach-y color for the binding. I think that's everything.

Today the newest Mortal Instruments series came out and last week the new Sookie! I'm dying for a good few days of reading but I'm anxious to finish my socks & little sweater. I really really really super want a skein of Bernie Bott's yarn! crazy fun right?!