Happy Weekend: Knitting & Reading


It's a long weekend! Woo woo! Happy Memorial Day! Tomorrow we are going to a BBQ and Sunday we are going on a long drive to the high desert! I'm pretty excited.

My two favorite weekend (and evening) activities are knitting and reading. I like to knit while we watch tv (I'm currently obsessed with Fairly Legal & wishing Haven was on RIGHT NOW) and I love to read outside and before bed.

I'm part of a book club online and my friend Shelly, who's pretty much a professional reader, has started a book review blog! She got us all hooked on the 50 Shades series months ago, she's good at finding neat reads. I personally like my reading light hearted/smutty/supernatural. I look at books as my escape and I love love love to read. Anyways, this weekend I'm reading a few of the books she's recently reviewed. I got a kindle touch & I'm working on getting used to it. Some days I wish it was backlit (usually in the evenings before bed!) but I really love the screen on it!

I've started knitting something new and fun. Squirrel Sampler Mittens! They are by far the most complex thing I've knit yet, I've learned lots of new things: picot edge, how to hem a knit good, stranded knitting and...

Yarn dyeing! I bought a skein of gray yarn off etsy but unfortunately it was much more BLUE than GRAY. My friend Amy had sent me a big box of acid dyes last fall and I decided..what the heck! I'm going to try this! And it worked! My blah blue gray went to the rich deep charcoal I had hoped! woo! I sort of felt like a backyard scientist when I was working on it.

I also completely understand the hype behind Plucky Knitter. I'd bought 3 skeins from her back in 2009 and used them and loved them. I was able to get a few skeins recently, honey wilkes was one I was dying to get in plucky feet. I'd made a honey cowl from the same color in worsted weight and knew it was super pretty. Now that I'm using it in these mittens...oh boy! The color just G L O W S! It's kind of silly for me to be knitting these mittens, it's rarely cold enough here for them but I *really* want them. I'm obsessed with all things autumn/acorn/halloween/sampler/new-england-like, so this just HAD to happen. I haven't quite decided what to change the numbers too, I thought about 1982-2012 for my birthday or Fall 2012?! I have a little more knitting to conquer before I get there :)

Also, if you haven't signed up yet, check out Dessert of the Month Club, June is coming out and it seriously is the cutest thing ever. I've stitched him on 3 different things in different colors. He is THAT CUTE. And addictive.

Phew! Have a good weekend :)