Things I've been doing: Brandywine Shawl, Books & Guising Needlebook

I knit a shawl called Brandywine which is I *think* the hardest thing I've knit to date. It took me about 3 days and it was SO satisfying. Totally a boost of confidence.

I need to get more blocking pins, I accidently blocked the center point incorrectly and I want to re-do it so it doesn't look crooked.

I'm so obsessed with historical books right now. Like, I can't even contain how much I love love love love them. Here's what I've read so far:

Shadow of Night The Dark Monk The Lady Julia Grey Bundle (I totally loved this so so so so much!) Ravishing in Red

These ladies are ALWAYS talking about grabbing a shawl, their woolen shawl, sitting around the fire with a shawl, walking outside with a shawl. I was going shawl crazy. Ignore that it's 100 degrees here, I decided I HAD to have a shawl. Haha.

Lizzy very, very, very, very sweetly sent me some Guising.

Can we talk for a minute about how much I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween? In case you missed it, I'm addicted to Halloween. It's my very favorite time of year and it's just so much FUN.

And then my head & little heart exploded when Lizzy designed this line. It's like she took all the things I ADORE about the holiday and turned it into fabric I could have and love forever & always. It's that good. Halloween fabric is either hit or miss for me, there are some lines that recently came out that are a definite miss for me but this is the hugest HIT! Even if you aren't into Halloween, the jewels and tiny little stars are so great, I'm going to save up and buy a yard of them because I think they are GREAT classic basics in fresh colors. I'm not just saying this because Lizzy is my friend, I genuinely ADORE this line. Phew.

I accidentally lost two pairs of Addi Turbos (cue crying fit) last week and I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I'm getting my sock needles under control. I made this little case last Monday but I didn't bind it until yesterday, the Porkchop's are a little under the weather and some couch time and binding was necessary. I love the sparkly numbers and that binding fabric is my favorite.

Can we talk about these nifty things?

My friend Audrie, who's pretty much the cutest ever, sent me these Clover Binding Clips! These are a DREAM COME TRUE! Soooo clever and amazing! Thanks pal! <3