Let's Make Salsa!

Salsa Party!

Let's make salsa today k?

This is totally the easiest stuff on earth. I never bother with store bought stuff anymore because this is so fast, so fresh and totally customizable.

My favorite salsa involves: lots of tomatoes a little heat tons of garlic and onion heavy on the cilantro light on the cumin sweetness

If your perfect salsa doesn't involve these things, feel free to switch it up!


3 medium tomatoes 1 can Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes 1 Anaheim Pepper, seeds removed 1 Jalapeño Pepper, seeds removed 2 TBLS honey 3 cloves garlic, peeled 2 TBLS dehydrated garlic (vampires won't want anything to do with you!) 2 TBLS dehydrated onion dash of cumin dash of red pepper flakes dash of chili powder giant handful of washed cilantro juice of one lime

Take everything and toss it into a food processed and whirl until it reaches your desired constancy. I like mine finely minced. If my tomatoes aren't very watery I'll add a TBLS of water at a time until it's less paste-like and more salsa like!

Each time I make this I'll do it a little differently, sometimes more peppers or if my peppers aren't ripe, a can of rotel. Sometimes I'll roast the tomatoes myself if I have a bunch. Or I'll use agave instead of honey. Really, whatever you like!

I don't add salt because I like salty chips and I like to use my salsa in chili, tortilla soup, on eggs, etc. You can of course add salt to taste!

PLEASE REMEMBER! While I keep my salsa in a canning jar in the fridge, THIS IS NOT A CANNING RECIPE. It doesn't contain the proper amount of acid to be safely canned and shelf stable. If you want to make salsa for your pantry that is safely canned, this is a recipe I've made numerous times with great results.

Happy Friday! Adios!