Cherry Christmas Giant Pillow!

Cherry Christmas! Woooo!!!!

Aneela very sweetly sent me some fabric this summer to make something with her new line, Cherry Christmas!

I made the block a few months ago but a certain giant online fabric retailer (who shall remain nameless) keeps sending me the wrong size form! I broke down & purchased one in Chico last weekend because I felt bad that I hadn't finished it yet! I'm officially placing a bet that by Christmas it'll arrive. I guess that means I can have TWO Cherry Christmas pillows!?

and oh what a pillow is it! GIANT! HUGE even! 30x30! OMG!

I'm not going to lie, it was hilarious to be outside when it was 105 degrees taking Christmas photos! My neighbors must think I'm slightly crazy but I don't care! This fabric was so fun to sew with and I love that it's not "traditional" Christmas, it's fresh & very cute without being saccharine. I mixed it with linen I had in my stash, I'm mediumly confident its Sand but don't hold me too it. ;)

My new favorite thing is to lay on it and knit. Like a complete lazy bones. Something about pillows makes me want to take a nap and then sew a zillion more!

Thanks Aneela for sending me some Cherry Christmas!!!! xo