2013 Woodland Sampler Sneak Peek & FAQs

Hi friends!

Did you have a nice holiday?

Today I thought I'd share some helpful tips and a little sneak peek of  our 2013 Woodland Sampler!

  • What is the 2013 Woodland Sampler? The 2013 Woodland Sampler is our newest mystery cross stitch club for this upcoming year. In the past we've done Fruit of the Month Club & Dessert of the Month Club. This is our third year of running clubs and it is our very best & cutest. By December of 2013 you'll have a completed cross stitch sampler!
  • How does this work? After you sign up you'll receive an email from us containing a link to a PDF. You can download this 3 times before the link expires. In the PDF you'll find a stitch guide, the list of materials and the first chart. This chart contains the frame work of the pattern. Each month you'll fill in the blanks!
  • When will I receive each pattern? Starting on January 2nd, once a month you'll receive an email directly from us. It's helpful to make sure you have plenty of room in your inbox and add us to your address book! For example, January 2nd you'll receive the chart to fill in January. On February 1st you'll receive the chart to fill in February. And so on!
  • How much does this cost? The cost is a flat *one time* fee of $10. That's a great deal! But this special only lasts until January 11th, then the price rises to $16.95.
  • This sounds fun! But can I sign up in February or March? As with our previous clubs, you can sign up year round! This is completely go at your own pace! Some people sign up but can only cross stitch on their vacations or other down time. The best part of PDF patterns is that you can download and stitch at your leisure, no waiting for patterns in the mail!
  • But I've never cross stitched before! That's totally ok! Our patterns have a helpful stitch guide and are completely beginner friendly!
  • How big is this project? Using 28 ct linen or 14 ct aida cloth, this measures 100w x 236h stitches, or 7.5 x 17 inches. Now, if you use a larger or smaller count fabric, be aware that the size of your finished project will change!
  • Can I order supplies online? Absolutely! We are working with theworkroom to create floss kits!  This kit contains all the floss for the entire year! You will have the option of picking either champagne (goldish!) or white (silverish!) sparkle floss for your project. The sampler looks equally awesome with either color. If you haven't tried Cosmo's Metallic Floss, it's a real treat. Very easy to use, no need to ply down the thread and it doesn't snag as much as other brands. We are hoping to have a kit that will include fabric available soon & I'll send out a newsletter/blog/tweet/facebook a link once this becomes available.
  • I have my floss but I can't find the recommended linen! That's ok! We purchased our linen from Michael's Craft Stores in hopes that it would be easy for everyone to find. If you can't find it, bring your floss to your nearest craft store to see what they have available. You want to make sure all your floss will show up on whatever fabric you choose. For example, don't choose bright white because the white stitches won't show up! Don't feel limited by our fabric choice, feel free to choose whatever color YOU like, as you'll be stitching on it all year! One of my very favorite kawaii winter wonderland projects is being worked on in BLUE fabric! It's seriously stunning and unique!
  • Do you have any tools or notions you suggest? I sure do! I alternate between a round 8 inch wooden hoop and a 11 inch Q-Snap frame. I recently purchased a hoop stand from Michael's that I like, I used a 60% off coupon so make it super budget friendly and that's a good option if you don't want hand/wrist fatigue. I also love thread heaven, which makes stitching snag less. Another favorite notion is an embroidery floss needle threader. Last but not least, highlighter tape is handy for keeping track of where you are stitching!
  • If you have access to a serger or a sewing machine it's incredible helpful to finish the edges of your fabric. This means either overlock or zigzag the edges so they don't fray all year long!


ok! finally! phew! the part you've been waiting for...SNEAK PEEK!!!



oooooo!!!!!!! Join us in 2013 stitching up a Woodland Sampler! woo woo!