{*Weekend Review*}


This weekend ended up being a really really great one!

On Friday we both ignored our phones and emails and spent the entire day under mountains of blankets watching the Office. I'd never seen it before and of course, I'm in love. Seriously, how cute is Jim? I think the combo of him & Agent Booth...perfecttt!!!!! Jim & Pam are just adorable. We are already beginning season three! Awesome! We ended up getting chinese food and splitting some broccoli beef that was amazing! The combonation of bed, heating pad, blankets and cuddling was just what I needed!

Saturday was supposed to rain but of course, was bright and sunny! I made a huge calzone and we got into the car and went for an adventure! We went up to Redwood National Park and explored around, it was such a nice day. The terrain is really interesting, you drive up a ridge line and you can see the ocean and its just amazing. There are some beautiful fields and everything is just so green. We ended up finding a trail that we will hopefully hike on Valentines Day. We spent the drive talking about our dream house. I have dreams of a tiny bungalow, Mr. McPorkchop would love a log cabin, so we are going to have a...log bungalow?! We talked about what sort of things we will farm! One of my biggest dreams in life is to have a small table at a farmers market and sell fresh veggies and reusable cloth stuff. I want to grow lots of things and be able to make my own nut flours and butters.

This morning has been grumpy, lots of angry cleaning, an overflowing sink, taking down the Christmas tree. Grrrr!!!!

But! We are going to the co-op and getting some yummy Pacific Creamy Tomato soup because I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking and we are going to make english muffin cheddar and turkey grilled sandwiches. OM!NOM!NOM! I also got TEN new fabrics yesterday in the mail so I'm going to try and list a few new pads! Pirates! Birds! Flowers! OH MY!

Oh! I've been journaling daily and posted a few terrible photos to flickr. I need a scanner...STAT!

This is my favorite page so far!


I got a gift card to Victorias Secret and finally used it. I love cute undies! love love love them!!!!

AND! LOOK! I downloaded/purchased digital scrapbooking stuff! Kawaii Cute Fruits is the one I got. But honestly, I'm so confused about the whole thing. You just print out the little images right? I have photoshop but clearly, I'm not a computer person at all. The little kit is freaking adorable though. I printed the strawberry on cardstock, it looks ok! Then I sewed it onto a piece of fabric. Then I sewed all the little V.S. tags together. Then I downloaded and printed that little tag thing, then I wrote on it and glued everything down. Clearly, I'm veryyyy new to this. Any fun links/tips you'd like to share with me? It's not really a scrapbook, just sort of a daily inspiration book/journal.

OH! And this morning I saw this insanely cute website on googlereader, via Free People   I'm currently using the little beige background with the brown and cream birds. Seriously, I need to learn graphic design so so so so badly.  I spent the morning looking for a class, thats how badly I want to learn illustrator!

okok! off to put on pants and uggs, its cold!!!!

What are your plans today?

have an amazing sunday afternoon!!!