Woodland Sampler: February Midnight Raccoon Bandit

Oh hi!

February's Woodland Sampler was released on the 1st and I'm in *love* with this little raccoon. I swear, Ashleigh's designs just get better and better!

You can sign up year round and there is no such thing as being "behind". We get so many emails asking if it's ok to start now...heck yes! You can start whenever you want!

The pattern is here & you can get floss bundles here!

Ashleigh & I got together today and finished up the color palette for Kawaii Spring Sampler. After doing the Kawaii Winter Sampler we had lots of requests for more seasons so we decided to do all of them! I'll let you know when the pre-sale goes live! We also are finishing up the stitching on the new Around the World patterns...eek!

Don't forget, #woodlandsampler on instagram shows you all the works in progress, plus you can post to our facebook page AND you can email us your photos directly :):)