I love Saturday's!

I  love Saturday mornings. Chop goes to work for a few hours at 6 am (did I tell you he got a new job? He's an Ag Biologist for our county now). The light was just too pretty this morning not to share. Bright mornings = best mornings!

Of course I treated myself to an iced chai, normally chai to me is a fall drink but cinnamon & cardamom just sounds great today. I went through the drive thru at 6 in my pjs, quite possibly one of my favorite Saturday activities. Who needs to be cute when you can wear leggings and a giant Domo tshirt. ;) Not this girl! I spent the morning alternating between knitting and answering emails. When you email The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, more often than not you are getting a response from me. Generally the first of the month is a busy day, lots of people wanting to change email addresses for their subscription or first time cross stitchers having questions. I try to answer all our emails within 30 minutes or so, I want people to be able to cross stitch all day happily! <3

As a random side note: it's getting hot here! Last night I decided to get some summer clothes. I'm looking for modest & cute summer dresses. I'm not a small girl but I'm not ashamed of my size, I simply don't think all of my curves need to be on display.  I found a *cute* maxi dress at Old Navy, it was black, sleeveless but had nice and thick straps (raise your hand if you hate visible bra straps but when it's 115 degrees you don't want to wrestle a strapless bra!) it fit great...but IT WAS SHEER. Completely sheer. Like, the-world-would-know-my-undies-had-flowers-on-them sheer. Total bummer. I looked at 5-6 different places and ended up with just a striped jersey skirt. I bought The Staple Dress, I need to just sit down and sew a bunch. But I'd really like some jersey dresses! I'm on the hunt!

Also: I really want pink flip flops but the practical side of me is like, just get black. I've literally been mulling over this decision since April. I know, ridiculous.

Random post? CHECK! ;) Have a good weekend friends!