Halloween Spooky Sampler: Week One





I try not to self promote too heavily on my blog, just because I'm not sure how many people actually are interested in cross stitch or the process behind designing a pattern but I absolutely HAVE to share this sampler with you. I just do. And this year the Pumpkin's have become a huge part of my everyday life so it feels sort of funny to not talk about!

Ashleigh & I are so obsessively and emotionally involved in this project. It's our baby. Our total pride & joy. We wanted to launch a new line of samplers for 2014 and this is our starting point. Here are new things:

For the past year all our seasonal samplers have been 25 squares with frames, I both love & hate those frames. I *love* how the finished sampler looks but omg stitching the frames, I'm the slowest ever. So Ashleigh wanted to try something different, a bigger and more elaborate frame.

I personally feel like she nailed it. A skull and bat lace border! When she started texting me screen shots, I almost fell over. SO clever. Then we decided it would be fun to spell out Halloween inside and use each letter to illustrate something Halloweenie!

So far we have:

  • H is for Haunted House
  • A is for Apparition
  • L is for Lightning

And you can see a teeny tiny bit of O...;) I had so much fun making lists and trying to figure out what each letter would stand for. Brainstorming for this project just spawned a ton of pages of ideas for upcoming projects for sure!

When she brought over her finished sampler for me to photograph, I spent all of Friday morning taking photos. If quilts are fun to take photos of and yarn is amazing to take photos of, cross stitch might be the winner. I easily took over 50 photos, just messing around. It's SO fun. All the little tiny stitches, the variegation of the hand dyed floss and the depth of the hand dyed fabric. It just glows.

Autumn Sampler...wowowowowow!

Ok, I won't go into it too much but this season finishes off the series of 25 squares. And these squares! So so so dang cozy. Like, filled to the brim with apple picking, pumpkins, drinks & treats, a scarecrow, a little back to school themed block and creatures. I can't wait for an afternoon to take photos of it all. It's so good. I'm stitching this one (but we also have testers working on it too and one is already done- remember, I'm slow and messy, I'm not cover worthy! ;)) and I hope I can share some photos with you!

My goal this week is to finish up a bunch of work and then spend the weekend watching Haven and working on Autumn Sampler! I'd also love to have a finished quilt by Friday but I'm not sure if I can squeeze it in. I sure hope so. I've been looking forward to the season premier all summer and I want to have a new quilt because I'm weird like that. I'm kind of freaking out. This show is my very, very, very, favorite. And Pam & I always chat about it afterwards too. GO TEAM NATHAN!!!!!! Also, I probably don't need a cozy new quilt because...you know...it's 100 degrees still. Ew. Oh, one more thing before I go, Sleepy Hollow as a t.v. show?! WHAT! Count me in! I hope it's good. I'm also counting down until new season of Grimm. I super love Rosalee but Juliette. Ugh.

Somehow I started this blog post chatting about Halloween Sampler and ended it with Fall T.V. shows, lol.

Okok, off to work! <3