No, I'm not knitting a bikini.







This morning I wore a sweatshirt on my walk. IT'S GETTING COOLER OUTSIDE. Also, it has the word MEOW in glitter so really, it was an epic start to the day.

This also means two things:



SO! Real talk time:

I used to beat myself up for working on more than one of socks at once. "Amanda, if you'd just knit one pair, you'll have a full pair to wear soon around the house and THEN you can start a new project". I'm pretty focused and goal oriented but you know what? LHDC, I am so over that. I want to have fun, I want a million projects and I know they'll get done because each one has a purpose. Or I'll just take it apart. I want to enjoy the process more. K? K!

And! I have a new goal. I currently have 21 pairs of socks. TWENTY ONE PAIRS! I'd *love* for thirty one. Because then I can wear a pair a day for a month. Or something like that. I don't have like, a specific date in mind but wouldn't having 31 pairs of socks be cool?

Those two things bring us to this little gem: I have THREE pairs on the needles and MAYBE a fourth. AHUH. That's a lot of socks! I dyed a skein of yarn this morning and it's a hot mess but I'm dyeing (dying! lololol I crack myself up) to see how it knits up.


Here we go!

  • RAWR Purse Socks! What are RAWR purse socks? These are what you get when your husband finds your VERY, VERY, VERY first skein of sock yarn that he bought you seven years ago when you were in McCloud and the museum had yarn that would turn into tiger stripes! You immediately wanted to make Clapotis but at the time you couldn't figure out how. WELL NOW IT'S SOCKS. Well, just one sock and barely a toe. Purse socks are knit one a time and only while out and about. Waiting in line, in the car, at breakfast where the waitresses refer to you as "the sock knitting girl", out with friends, hunting, basically any time my purse is with me, there's a sock being knit. rawr. I think FROM NOW ON, I'm going to keep this little pouch with a single sock in it. I think I was surprised how much downtime I have. OH! This is Opal Tiger Stripe yarn, I'm not sure what it's real name is. 
  • Alone Time Socks! No! Get your mind out of the gutter! Alone time socks are socks that you can only knit when you are alone because they take all your concentration. These are my Ginny Socks! I only have about 45 minutes to work on these per week (who needs a lunch break! let's skip lunch and make socks. JUST KIDDING! (I'm totally not kidding)) but I look forward to it because I love watching the owls progress and this yarn! this yarn! I know, knitting rule, variegated yarn = hard to see lace but I don't care. This is Cakewalk Sincerest!
  • But I Want To Watch Stripes Happen Socks! Ok, seriously. Why did it take me so long to knit a pair of striped socks?Well, technically I only have one striped sock because I'm waiting for a replacement needle but STRIPED SOCKS! They are very interesting to knit because you just keeping saying..."wait, just one more stripe" and they fly off the needles. I'm knitting these two at a time and mismatching. I think if Mrs. Weasley knit striped socks, they'd be shifted one stripe up on each one. Actually, I'm pretty sure I channel Mrs. Weasley every time I knit a pair of socks. This yarn is called Desert Vista Dye Works Zombody Says Boo! I'm going to bring these with me to SewOnNorCal this weekend.

I basically can't stop reading this blog post where Susan mentions 8 pairs on the needles. UM YES PLEASE. And this post where Andi shares a beautiful shawl and her own personal yarn club! I want my own personal yarn club, I gather it's based around this but I need to research it more, hopefully I can join in! Doesn't that sound fun?

On that note, I admittedly only read (aka lurk like a creeper) 5 blogs right now, three are knitting (the above two plus this one) but I'm realizing that there are a lot of knitting podcasts going on that are awesome. How on earth do people watch them? I watch Must Stash Pod Cast and I download it on the iPad's podcast app but it takes about an hour to download each episode! Am I missing a hipper, more awesome way to watch video podcast things? I want to be able to keep up with them, Michelle and I want to try some others!

So, the moral of the story is! I'm going to knit socks this fall and I don't really care if I finish one pair or a million because I'm going to be slowly working on a bunch. And any I finish are going towards my long term goal of 31 pairs of socks.

How do you watch video podcasts? What knitting video podcasts should I watch? Can I jump in or do I have to start from the beginning. I'm very emotionally invest in the Must Stash Girls because I've watched them from the first episode (is that weird?).

the end!