I dyed a skein of yarn








Right before SewOn NorCal, I decided to dye a skein of yarn. I thought it would be fun, I pinned this blog post ages ago and I kept going back to look at it because it was so dang pretty.

I had a skein of blank (is that the right term for it?! natural? blank? plain? undyed? idk) MCN sock yarn and decided to give it a whirl with some acid dyes my friend Amy gave me. What a morning!

It was so much fun but also, every single dang time I had a spot of yarn that I LOVED, I'd accidentally move the water and it would blur. Worst! But it was a super fun morning for me, I sort of felt like a mad scientist. I wore goggles because it was windy outside (I used an outdoor stove for this) and I just sort of sprinkled dye all over the place. I think it also reminded me a bit of college, just mixing ink and having a ball, not quite knowing if it would turn out beautiful or into a hot mess!

It's kind of neat to see how it looks in the skein vs how it's knitting up! It looks completely different and I love that. I'm doing a plain pair of 3x1 ribbed socks, I like how squishy ribbed socks are!

I feel like I have a million things I want to share with you right now. Some photos from the retreat, some quilts that just came home from spa treatment at Lindsay's, my day out with Pam & Frankie, the final installment of Halloween Sampler + the beginning of Autumn Sampler, a brickless shawl I started knitting and a book series that made me incredibly happy! So be prepared for a lot of blog posts this week k? ;)