Sock Yarn & Book Covers


Things I love:

  • reading!
  • knitting socks!

So today I thought it would be fun to sort through some of my stash and see if I could find yarn that matches book covers! The kind of yarn that even though the dyer didn't set out to create book cover themed yarn, they totally did! There are dyers who dye yarns inspired by books, t.v. shows, pop culture, etc but these are just skeins from my stash that reminded me SO much of book covers! Sometimes you finish a book and you don't want your time with the story to socks inspired by books?! YES!

The yellow of Eleanor's shirt, the orange of her hair, the dark parts of Park's hair, the blue of his shirt! Alternately, this yarn could also work for Flat Out Love but I liked reading E&P better!

The glass city at the bottom of the cover is this gray green with all the fire-y angel wings in the background. Also, excellent speckles give the same texture as the cover!

I'd get an F at making this list if I didn't include this book cover, it has a freaking knit sweater on the front! The blue of the title, the purple of the sweater, the pink of the deer and the brown of the rope are all in this skein!

You might just have to trust me that this color is an exact match to America's dress on the cover- this yarn was super tricky to photograph. Plucky always has the most rich and full of depth solids. Also- the name! All Spruced Up! Yup. I went there. ;)

Oh yes. This is the skein that sparked my curiosity of yarn+book cover matching. I saw Beata post a photo of this skein on facebook and I was instantly like TEARDROPPPPP! And it nails it! The ethereal water-y background of pale blues, aquas and pops of pink. So, so, so PRETTY!

Oh Karou! That mask! It's totally ombre and just dreamy! This skein looks like her face with the white title overlay. I loved this story and think it deserved a whimsical skein. Plus the name just makes sense for this book!

We launched a new pattern today- Cherry Blossom Sampler and as we were working on it I kept thinking about this Opal yarn I bought that reminds me of sushi. It's not a book cover but that's ok ;)

So how about you? Can you think of any skeins in your stash that might match book covers?!