{*~Giant Hexes~*}

I'm a sucker for making easy things difficult. A simple tote? Nah, lets applique some hexes on it! But wait, even better, lets applique some huge PATCHWORK hexes on it.

That's how I spent my Friday night and boy was it worth it. I made two totes, one for myself and one for the shop. They were so so so fun to make. It's like making a puzzle, you want the seams of the patchwork to line up nicely but you dont want them to be on the corners of the hexes or they don't fold down neatly. Mr. McPorkchop watched curiously as I made these because the templates for the hexes are HUGE! Three inches! When you measure hexes you measure the top straight line, so really these hexes measure larger than 3 inches!

This morning I saw that Posie Gets Cozy posted about hexes and english paper piecing and that makes me so so so excited! I love when "famous" bloggers get into something because it means more and more people will try it!

Here are some of my favorite projects that I've made using english paper piecing!

Star Quilt

Snail Quilt

Hex Bag


This is why I love quilting and learning new things! Once you learn one foundation of quilting technique (I learned from my friend Liz who rocks the grandmothers flower garden and all things 30s) you can totally tweak it and do whatever you like with it! I think thats why I love quilting with my Eureka friends, they are traditional amazing quilters and learning the "important" stuff from them allows me to creatively play around with it! I can sense Brenda Lou smiling right now!

Moral of todays post? Learn english paper piecing or any other new type of craft today! Once you learn and know the basics, you'll totally be inspired to run with it!

Happy Saturday!