As promised, today I'm giving away a shot cotton and far far away double cotton gauze scarf! What better way to get into a winter spirit this Monday?!

Yesterday I made two scarves and I've been wearing mine nonstop since then. It's lightweight, soft, you can scrunch it and wrap it around your neck perfectly plus it's long enough to knot. I'm planning on soaking mine in some Soak Wash, I have a tiny bit of the celebration scent left and I'd love for this to be even softer and smelling of Christmas! (Don't worry, I won't wash yours!) The edges are unsewn so you can fray it to your hearts delight. The shot cotton is a beautiful two toned fabric of a peachy-brown and a soft sage-y blue/green. The far far away is designed by Heather Ross and has the best little frog princes ever!

I got the idea from spool sewing and I think it would make a great last minute gift!!! It was easy peasy, although I didn't use their exact size or sew it the same, I kinda winged it by measuring a favorite scarf and then slicing and sewing!

If you'd like to win this scarf, leave a comment between now and Tuesday, 12/15 at midnight. Tell me your FAVORITE thing about WINTER. I know, I know, a lot of you are already sick of snow and cold, but there has gotta be something you love about winter, even if it's just that starbucks has brought out red cups and caramel brulee lattes! lol.

If your interested in a scarf for yourself or a friend in addition to the giveaway, I have more of this shot cotton and far far away left, just shoot me an email at modernacorn@gmail.com

Last but not least, a blurry photo of the scarf in action, what can I say, it's cold in here and my hands were shaking!

Picture 4

Have a great Monday! Stay warm!