It's almost the end of the first month of 2010!

Our vacation ended two weeks ago. We drove home to a very very very messy house. Humboldt County was hit by an earthquake while we were gone! Our fridge tipped & dumped all the contents on the floor, shelves fell over, it was bad. Worst part? We came home over week after the quake. Imagine smashed eggs on your kitchen floor. For over a week. Barf right? So I spent the entire week cleaning. And cleaning turned into an obsession and some hard thinking.

I realize that I have wayyy too many belongings! Too much stuff for one girl! So I've been cleaning and paring down my life big time. I sorted through fabrics, makeup, books, yarn, you name it, I'm going through it. Be prepared to see a lot of destashing around this place in the upcoming weeks!

It's been exactly one month today that I've given up meat. I feel different. Lighter maybe? I noticed I'm not as puffy. It's challenging the way I cook and the way I look at food. I've lost a total of 7.4 lbs (keeping track of what I'm eating w/weight watchers! Their new iphone app is great!). I did yoga last night!

A few things I learned: Baggy sweat pants = material to trip over! Sports Bra is 100% necessary unless you want a face full of boob when you downward dog. Pedicure is a must, looking at my toes made me want pretty nails. Breathing correctly is going to totally help me. I have super bad asthma and deep breathing is a challenge but I felt REALLY good afterwards.

I also got the new wii fit, I have wii fit, but they came out with another game! I haven't tried it, yesterday was the first day we actually had FLOOR space!

In addition to cleaning, I've been sewing here & there. Mostly late at night. I'm working on two baby quilts, a quilt for Porkchop & I, two minis for swaps and a Valentines Day quilt for Porkchop! I've also been working on some stuff for my etsy shops.

Today was the first day I've seen the sun since like, November! It was GREAT! Our "house" is only two rooms, a bedroom and a front room/kitchen which is ALL windows, while I was screen printing/sewing/cleaning today I was wearing a tanktop! Shock!

I'm off to cook dinner, draw and answer emails! I'm *WAY* behind in answering emails and whatnot, I'll catch up ;)