{*~Last Sunday~*}

Today is the last day of January! What a fantastic start to the New Year!

Tomorrow, being the first day of February, is so exciting! I have lots of things I can't wait to do and February is my FAVORITE month. Here in California there are some fantastic storms along with some fantastic bursts of sunshine. Stores will start carrying daffodils which are my favorite flower, days are getting longer, spring is coming but winter is still lingering enough to make me crave soup and bread. It's my favorite, plus...VALENTINES DAY. I'll admit it, I love pink!

Tonight I'll be prepping the house for a busy week. We will be heading to the valley Wednesday & staying until Sunday, spending one day in Reno for the sheep show! I've been working on some silkscreens, some custom sewing, making lists and cross stitching! Who knew little x's would be so addictive!

I hope you had a great weekend!