{~*Feb. Inspiration Board*~}

I'm getting ready for an exciting month. I love February!

Today, everything is being put on the back burner. I'm simply BEAT. I think my nights of sleeping 4-5 hours each night in January have finally caught up with me.

I'm slowly puttering around the house, sewing small bits & pieces of larger projects, answering emails...one thing I've noticed is I'm a REALLY slow email writer, I tend to over think my responses to simple questions! I guess in todays society, we are so hardwired with emails & the typed word that I'm concerned with how my words come across on the screen. I want to come across the same way I am in real life! Plus I try to be everyones friend and when other people write me emails...I can't help but wonder if they really want to be my friend back or if they simply could care less, or if maybe their true personality and feelings simply aren't coming through. Ouch! Sometimes the internet crafty/quilty community reminds me a little bit of the cliques of high school! Although I am admittedly a sensitive person with a lot on my plate right now, so I could just be over thinking things ;)

The rest of the day I'm finishing up a small donkey related project (yup! donkeys!!!), baking a quick bread from moosewood, trying this tonight and watching groundhog day!!! It's available on netflix watch instantly and I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Mr. McPorkchop & I quote it constantly. I've been known to run around the house yelling "NED! ED RYERSON!!!"...hahaha!

Tomorrow we are going out of town until Monday! I'll be away from my computer until then! I hope you have a great rest of your week!