{*~Happy Friday~*}

Yesterday ended up being not to shabby.

After blogging, Mr.McPorkchop decided fresh air would do us both some good. We went over to Pierson's to look at plants. My Valentine's Day gift, this great little bird planter arrived earlier in the week from prettyrandomobjects! I squee-ed SO loud when I opened it! It's just perfect! I knew I wanted a special plant for it...MINT!

We walked around the nursery, I'd never been to the nursery before and it was so beautiful. They have a giant koi pond with huge fish, some little bridges, it was pretty quiet. It was misting & cold but the fresh air felt incredible. While looking at plants (aka I was hunched down quietly blowing my nose) I found the greatest thing ever...A CAT!!!!! It was the best cat EVER! Really small in stature but extremely furry and long haired with super pretty eyes! I got to pet it and we chatted, haha. If you don't know me, you might not know that I have an obsession with cats. I want a cat like some girls want babies. Fierce. I am unfortunately allergic. Argh. Worst. So I chatted with the cat and found a pineapple mint plant!

We walked around some more, they have these glass little buildings that have neat things in them, one building of cactus and one of citrus trees. If you think I love paint names...plant names do me in as well. Mr.McPorkchop is studying to be a wildlife biologist and is extremely knowledgeable about plants. He always tells me some neat little fact about this or that. I'd make the perfect Jeopardy contestant, I'm filled with random knowledge. Fun Fact #9, it's one of my lifetime goals to be on Jeopardy.

After the nursery we decided to drive into Ferndale. This is pretty much my favorite little down. The drive is beautiful, the houses are stunning, there is a cute fabric shop & back when I ate meat, they have an incredible local burger stand. I ended up picking up backing, sashing & some woodgrain for the quilt I mentioned yesterday. Unfortunately they were out of the raindrops...so I'm a little low on fabric for the quilt & I'm not sure I can cut my entire last pony fat quarter...no fear however...

Because Heather Ross released her spoonflower collection! Pretty exciting stuff. I got some gnomes and mushrooms and the pink flowers! I'll add little bits of that when it arrives. I also ordered several of the kona cotton solid fq bundles last weekend so I may throw in some solids as well. See? Gotta make lists! Gotta plan stuff out! ;)

I've never ordered spoonflower fabric before, I was torn on the quilting weight cotton or the linen canvas, I went with cotton to see how the print quality is and if it looks great, I'll order some of the linen canvas for a tote bag! I accidentally bought some "fake" japanese fabric off etsy in December. Basically, they were rip offs of some prints, I had no idea until the fabric arrived and the print quality is DREADFUL, you can't read the text, the lines are fussy, etc. And these aren't strikeoffs or seconds, they are straight up rip offs >:( I never knew fabric print quality could differ so much. NOT to say that I think spoonflower will be bad AT ALL, I've heard amazing things about them but at $27 a yard, I want to make sure I love love love it. You know, trying to be frugal ;)

I'm definitely on the road to recovery. After we got home I slept for a little bit, hung out with Mr.McPorkchop and read in bed. Tonight I'm making this, I have a jar of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale mustard in the fridge begging to be used! I'm going to see if the co-op has pre-made whole wheat crust, I'm wayyyy too lazy to make my own. I cheat sometimes ;)

Before I go, meet Paprika!

She's the official guardian of pink fabrics. Her wig arrived yesterday, it's *much* cuter than the picture portrays. It's so mop-ish. I'm thinking in a few years my hair is going to look like this, it's already going gray, so maybe I'll keep some gray streaks & add red & purple, lol. I made her tunic & leggings! So much fun, I'm going to be listing tunic & legging sets on etsy soon! The tunic is a David Walker planet print, lined with Kona cotton & her leggings are an organic cotton ribbed knit! Neat! I learned from Patty on twitter how to set up my serger (Babylock Imagine) so I can serge the exposed seams on doll clothes so they look super professional! Woo hoo!

Ok, back to the couch & my book! I hope you have a great Friday!