Sunday evenings I generally plan my upcoming weeks meals. I've found the more I plan, the better we eat, the less extra money we spend and the happier my stomach is. Last night we made a quick trip to Safeway where I stocked up on some of my favorites; kale, cauliflower, oranges, organic vanilla & chocolate milk (my personal "junk" food), dutch potatoes & some onions. Strawberries were buy one get one free and smelled delish, but they are imported from Mexico, my New Years Resolution is USA produce only. We have a *lot* of farmers in America that we gotta support, both local small growers & larger farms. Especially here in California with the abundance of farms & great growing conditions, I personally think there is *no* reason not to buy US grown produce. *steps off soap box ;)*

I can happily report that I did try Smitten Kitchens Cauliflower & Caramelized Onion Tart! I bought a whole wheat pie crust at the co-op that I *really* liked the flavor & texture of. It was a two pack, so I have an extra shell for later. I substituted Gruyère for Loleta Swiss & only added 2 ounces. I also got some incredible mascarpone imported from Italy that was heavenly. I really really *really* loved this recipe & I think it's a good jumping off point for other flavor combinations. I only recently have started liking onions, so far I only like them caramelized or extremely softened. One thing about eating vegetarian has made me do is try new things and give previously disliked things a second chance! Next time I make this I'll try ricotta, use 2% Strauss milk & add a lot more cauliflower. The head I bought was kinda on the small side & I'm obsessed with it, I'd say it's in my top 5 favorite veggies. I love heavy cream as well, don't get me wrong, but the flavors are already so fantastic that it simply doesn't need the extra fat, so 2% would be totally fine.

I used my nifty little egg cooker last night & hard boiled some eggs for this week, Mr.McPorkchop has already been at them, he's an egg addict as well. I love to make fun egg salads; a tiny bit of bbq sauce (I use one by Annie's!), 1 teaspoon of canola mayonnaise, dijon mustard, dill, a handful of fresh spinach with some whole wheat toast....heaven!!!!!!!!!!

At some point last night I got up, walked into the kitchen & took cough syrup because I kept waking myself up, except I have no idea what time that was and it's every 12 hr medicine. Way to go Self!!!! Eeep!

Today I'm working on some hand sewing for stuff for the shop. I came up with an idea earlier in the weekend, ran it by some friends & I'm putting it into action today. Think hexes & linen! I'll be hunkered down on the couch all day busy with a needle in my fingers! Does anyone watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I started to watch this fall and got side tracked, now I'm back on season 2, it's on hulu. I never watched it when the show originally aired but for some reason, I really like it!!!!

I hope you have a great Monday & thanks for all your nice comments yesterday :)