It's early Sunday morning & we are packing up a bunch of our stuff to bring to Mr.McPorkchop's dads house to make more room around here. We've decided to start "moving". We will be gone all summer and will only live here August til December of next year. Anything we can do now to make moving easier & our life here better, we are doing. Yudu is going with him :( The emulsion doesn't set up & harden properly here because of the humidity, so in it's place I'll set up my serger & work on some modernacorn business finally!

I'm obsessed with complicated blocks. Complicated for me at least. The top block was made with this tutorial, and the two simple pinwheels are for Rachel's quiltalong! I'm hoping to visit some used bookstores this afternoon to scoop up some traditional block books, I'm curious about blocks that can be made modern...if I can find enough that are fantastic I'll be hosting a quiltalong...or at least tutorials on how to freshen up some traditional blocks. Or I'll become frustrated with things not lining up right & give up...haha ;)

I'm needing to take a sewing machine break, I've been having problems with the machine eating fabric & learned that Bernina sells a straight stitch plate! The plate it came with loves to chomp fabric, especially when I've been making Blythe clothes & chain piecing, sometimes even with a leader. The neat thing about the new plate is the machine will recognize it & not allow you to do anything BUT a straight stitch, so you don't run the risk of forgetting its on & jamming the machine. It'll ship tomorrow morning from Sacramento, so it'll be here in no time!

I'm still doing a ton of hand sewing, this weekends mail has brought me a bunch of charms to play with! Exciting! Be prepared for a shop update this week, I have some super pretty things that I hope you like!

I hope your having a great weekend! See you tomorrow!