{*~Wedding Quilt~*}

The McPorkchop Wedding Quilt is DONE!

I finished the top in October but couldn't figure out how to quilt it. It's a monster...87 x 87. I kept putting it off and now my pile of "put offs" is taller than me, so I figured I'd bite the bullet and get it long armed.

I went with what I'd call an "economy" quilter. She does nice & neat work...nothing fancy or too artsy...and the price was very budget friendly...it's an all over pantograph design of maple leaves and stars...very Porkchop & I. I'm bringing 3 more tops to her this week to just get *done*. Quilting is my *favorite* part but right now...there are things I'd rather be working on and these tops just aren't inspiring me anymore.

The fabrics were ones I'd been collecting...very Porkchop & I. He's an outdoorsman and biologist, I'm a more whimsical and art-y. It's a mix of Erin Michaels Lush & Uptown, some Cake Rock Beach, a little Deer Valley, Flea Market Fancy and some Japanese prints. The brown is Kona Espresso and the aqua is a Moda Bella solid who's name I can't seem to find. The backing is Erin McMorris Wildwood.

I used a wool batting...if you were to see this quilt in real life, it's almost more like a comforter than a quilt...very very very lofty and puffy. And I *love* that. What I don't love is the smell of the quilt after it was washed. It has *very* slight wet wool smell to it now. It's faded a lot from yesterday and unless I stick my nose directly onto the quilt and basically huff it, I can't smell it. But when I first pulled it out of the dryer..BLECH! Veryyyy strong smell. It's also REALLY warm and SUPER light....which I love! I'd probably use wool again, I know my Sparkling Cider is going to have silk batting, so it'll be interesting to compare the two!

So there it is! The finished wedding quilt!!!