On Sunday I turned 28.

I took care of something on Friday that had been bothering me for four years. FOUR YEARS. It was like a weight off my chest & a feeling of closing the door on a really really really bad chapter of my life. I felt like it was now or never and what better time than before a birthday.

Saturday we were all a little burned out...I was feeling an emotional hangover.....The Porkchop & I went on a movie date and saw The Other Guys and I about died. h i l a r i o u s. All the random TLC comments about did me in.

On our way out to dinner that night I kept getting itunes/paypal receipts in my email...and realized someone had hacked my itunes for over $450. Nice right? So far itunes has been unhelpful, which sucks because 4 days ago I bought myself an ipod classic as a birthday gift to myself...I'm a very loyal apple fan and wow...BAD customer service. Since it's out of my hands I can't stress about it anymore. And believe me, I was STRESSING.

Sunday I woke up early (who wakes up early on their birthday!? THIS GIRL!!!) hauled Porkchop out of bed & to safeway...I did some cooking! I made this amazing zucchini cake and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! It has a similar spice to carrot cake, which made me super excited because I'm allergic to carrots...so now I can have faux carrot cake! Plus an incredible potato salad, yogurt dip & other delish things.

We hung out at Porkchop's grandma's ranch. I laid in her pool, drank beer, talked, listened, spaced out..just relaxed. I visited their bull, Gus. He is seriously the hugest, scariest animal I've ever seen in my life. I'm 99% sure he's a hereford and weighs about 2,000 lbs.

While I was floating, I realized it was starting to feel like fall. You know how late summer sun has a different shine to it and the shadows hit a little differently?! As a kid my birthday always symbolized the end of summer, school clothes shopping and the last few weekends at Noonie & Papa's pool before they'd close it for the winter. I felt that way towards the end of the night.

I'm starting to feel myself slipping into the autumn state of mind. I bought a pumpkin candle at JoAnns today...I want to sew with halloween fabric and watch more Buffy. Autumn is my all time favorite time of year, the time I feel the happiest & the most alive. I'm endlessly inspired by the outdoors, the weather, the palette, it's all just amazing.

Some thoughts:

  • I'm incredibly blessed to have this little blog...I received so many kind emails & surprises in the mail (I'm looking at you Jeni & Yahaira!) and it makes me want to keep blogging.
  • My outlook on a lot of things has changed lately. I want to take more time to do things I enjoy and just work my butt off, to quote the ever so inspirational Gretchen Wilson (lol...yeah..I *so* just typed that) "I work hard, I play harderrrrr"
  • I find myself craving a completely different life...I want to get all my debt paid off & start living a little more self reliant. I'm fascinated by the "back to basics" movement that's going on...canning your veggies, sewing clothes, eating local, bike riding, up-cycling...it's ironic to Porkchop & his family (plus the majority of the people in my area) because to them it's like "No shit, you eat what you grow, you don't live beyond your means, you drink bud light after a hard day of work and you prepare for bad times.". Granted, I've changed a *lot* in a few years...I'd never drop as much money as I used to on expensive things but I still like indulgences (see above...new ipod!) I think I need to work out what is a good balance for me.
  • I want to take more chances. I've recently said yes to three very big projects with some really talented people who I greatly admire...it's pushing me creatively & I really like that. I want to keep doing that. Keep pushing my creative limits. Finding more confidence.
  • And I want to be more organized. I'm frequently late on swaps, bees, emails, etc & I'm dedicating August to getting full caught up. Granted, a lot of this stuff is from when I was sick, but it's annoying having it hang over my head. September 1st I'd like to be 100% caught up on all my obligations & not take on any new ones.
  • More t.v; I know that sounds weird right? But I'm a go go go go go go person and at the end of the day, I need a distraction & love falling asleep watching a show. Lately I'm really into Haven, Roswell, Warehouse13, Psych, Rizzoli & Isles (Did anyone else want her to make out with Donnie Wahlberg?!) and Supernatural.

Ok, I know, this is a little ramble-y. Just go with it. I'm a little loop-y from benedryl ;)