{*~Friday Plans~*}

Yesterday I had quite a bit of a let down...my beloved Nikon D50 gave out on me. It has been with me for over 6 years, when I started my very very very first blog, moved out on my own, met & married Chop, learned to sew...so much! It's like missing an arm or something. Ok, I know, a bit dramatic. But it's still a total bummer. It had a great life. I really only need a DSLR body so if anyone knows of any great sales on Nikon bodies...feel free to pass them this way.

Big news:

Did you guys see that Ryan is giving away a slot in my e-course?! Neat right?! Run on over there & enter! Ryan did an interview with me too! Signups will last until February 1st/2nd with the first classes pdf going out on February 3rd.

I'm really really excited, I had a goal in mind of how many people I wanted to sign up and I'm half way there! Woohoo!!!! I'm slowly but surely working on my  hand quilting, about an hour or two a day. I've also started..working on it in PUBLIC! Yup! One night Ash & I met up for coffee at starbucks:

And I hand quilted while we chatted! It's not quite the same as knitting or embroidering in public...because you know...the quilt is HUGE. But it was fun & it was in Chico so no one really gave me a second glance ;) I'll share with you soon what I tote around for hand stitching, I think it'll be a handy/neat guide. :)

One thing Ashleigh & I chatted about was our online shop on Meylah. Seriously, their shop platform is amazing. We've started blogging, posting tutorials & we will have some videos coming out soon! In the meantime, Ash created a neat little tutorial on how do half stitch in cross stitch! And I blogged about what Aida cloth is all about! I'm not sure which I find more relaxing, hand quilting or cross stitching. It alternates daily.

Today I'm working on a very neat custom quilt...almost whole cloth (nani iro!) but with bits of silk. It's going to be simple, minimal & stunning. I'm using silk batting & I have the option of either very densely quilting it as silk will maintain it's drape with dense quilting, rather than cotton which can become stiff or just doing a handful of very organic lines. The batting only requires stitching every 8 inches! Neat! The backing is a solid shot cotton that really shimmers so I'd like the quilt to be as reversible as possible. Similar to this I think!

What are you up too this weekend? Anything good?!

.....I heard a rumor of a miniature donkey farm over in Colusa so you know where I'll be attempting to be!!!! Donkeys but small? Count me IN!