Kawaii Shawl (Germinate #2)

I started a new knitting project earlier this month and I am in looooove. Every minute of knitting time is bliss while working on this!

I'm making Germinate by Through The Loops!

This is my second time knitting it which is kind of fun! The first time was so.so.so. tricky for me. It was by far the most complicated thing I'd knit. 

For some reason this time it's not as complex, it's enough to keep me interested and focused, but not so crazy that I can't listen to music while knitting. I'm barely into it though so that could change. ;) I'm using the charts to knit the lace and I'm looking forward to doing the next one.

I'm using a very "different for me" combo of colors. I've been hoarding a skein of Plucky Primo in Holland Mint and I thought it would be so pretty as the lace! It's the palest, glow-y lilac color. The other skeins are two amazing indie dyers. The light skein is Lamby Toes in Experiment 013. It's a buff/pale gray/pink with neon speckles, bright pink speckles, aqua speckles. It's a speckle lovers dream! The darker color is another really unique yarn by Gale's Art in Graffiti and Asphalt! This yarn is really different, it's incredibly variegated and has so many colors. In photos it looks almost like a black but it's not at all, it's a million colors all in one skein! I really like how the stripes are so different but are kind of blending together in some spots. 

My inspiration for this shawl definitely comes from the colors in comic books and...my little pony. I KNOW. I know. Totally all over the place. I think I'm enjoying this so much because it is the exact opposite of everything I've ever made for myself! It's so quirky. Hopefully I'll finish it by next winter, I'd like to wear it with big gray sweaters and leggings.

I wear this shawl 2-3x per week. It's cozy to the max. The size is pretty perfect for me so having a second one would be fantastic! I recently noticed one of the ends at the top of the shawl is coming unwoven. As a note to myself, I definitely need to work on weaving in my ends better!