{*~Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-Long Week 2~*}


Hi Friends!!!


Week Two! The Blocks! Let's talk about them! Actually, let's talk about the quilt-a-long in general!

Twitter has been on FIRE! Lot's of GREAT, INSPIRING talk about the blocks, the quilt-a-long, fabrics, etc. Questions being asked and answered. If you tweet to me something about the quilt-a-long, I'll RT! That way EVERYONE feels included, supported and involved. I'm not the type of girl who leaves people out, but there have been a LOT of tweets, so it's kind of easy to lose them. So if I haven't RTed your stuff, just tweet again! I love love LOVE how positive everyone has been about this, I like seeing people chat with each other and making new quilt-y pals.

Flickr. Wow. The group is HUGE! (162 people as of today!) When Angela & I started this, I was hoping for just a handful of dedicated quilters...but it's BIG! Like, shockingly big. And I am EXCITED. I try to check the pool once a day & leave comments. There are threads dedicated to each week's post, I really encourage you to leave your blog link with your weekly blocks so everyone can come by and say hi! Plus check out Angela's email with the author! That's awesome right?




Block #3: Basket

Basket! I love basket blocks, I have dreams of a basket quilt. I needle turn applique-d the handle on and my template wasn't quite on the bias, hence the wrinkle. Just go with it k? Since I'm doing my blocks with scraps I'm trying to eek out enough fabric for each template. If I can find another scrap from my stash I'll most likely re-do it.


Little Things by Sarah Fielke (love her, love those dots!)

Meadowsweet 2 by Sandi Hendersen



Block #4: Basket Weave

I like this block a lot, I used some tiny scraps of some precious fabrics. Plus it's COLORFUL! I don't know about you, but this quilt-a-long is making me OBSESSED with color. I want to be daring and BRIGHT. Because the blocks are small, only 6x6 finished. And there is sashing! So it's ok to be kind of crazy in these blocks. Plus, I bet if you take a step back, look at your stash, and squint...your fabrics make sense together, if you buy stuff you love, it'll all make sense in your quilt!


Liberty of London- a piece from Megan (I like having my good blog friends in my quilt! ;))

Cosmo Cricket

Far Far Away 2


A few notes:

I'm NOT squaring my blocks up as I go anymore. I'm so not a perfect quilter and if some of my blocks are a smidge smaller, I want to be able to square them all up to the smallest size so when I assemble the top, it's easier. Please keep your inner quilt critic quiet, this is totally a learning experience for us all, if someone's blocks are wonky, let it be & support them for even trying, 111 blocks is no tiny endeavor! I know I appreciate all the kind comments you make and so do others, we have a lot of sewing ahead of us, so keep sewing & smiling! And tweeting! And flickring!

I'm SO excited for next weeks blocks! Is there a block your looking forward too? Dreading? Share with me your block thoughts in the comments!


Well, Ashleigh & I are having a crazy craft day...lots of dye-ing, silkscreening and building! I'll share photos with you later! If you've left a comment since last week, I'm hoping to reply to all of them by Friday!

Happy Sewing!