{*~be back soon!~*}

Mr. McPorkchop & I have decided to go away for ten days (his spring break!)...heading to the valley so I can dry out my lungs. A few days in the drier climate will hopefully make me feel better. Unfortunately the specialist I wanted to see has a 4-5 month long wait list for an appointment...unacceptable!

I can only do about 15 minutes of gentle yoga before I'm winded, I can get in about an hour or so of good sewing time before my body hurts. I'm not used to this at all, I used to be able to piece together a quilt in a day or two, I'm normally a ball of energy. Turns out you really do need oxygen! ;)

I've been slowly working on a very fun custom order and working more and more on hand piecing & sewing. I finished up this weeks pinwheel blocks, made myself a camera strap early yesterday morning, working on a mothers day/birthday gift for my mom. I get angry at myself because I can't work as hard as I *need* too! It's one of those things thats beyond my control but drives me insane regardless! Me + Patience = Not HAPPENING! But I've been cooking slow meals, I'm currently obsessed with barley, we eat a lot of brown, wild & exotic rices so barley is a fun change, the texture is incredible, esp. w/garlic, shallots, eggs, salsa & spinach! I got some amazing oranges this morning so I've been sprinkling them with pineapple mint from my windowsill and devouring them.

Since I moved my sewing machine, I can watch hulu while I sew/draw! That's pretty fun! I got caught up last night on Psych, I love that Shawn Spencer! I like having noise in the background when I sew...it's either been pandora or Buffy these days so it's nice to switch it up a bit!

I'll be leaving either Thursday or Friday & won't be blogging while I'm gone unless I sit at starbucks, but I'll be continuing my 365 in a completely fun way...FILM! That's why I made a camera strap! I'm hoping to unplug my macbook, iphone, digital camera & relax....low tech wise! I'm bringing my little featherweight sewing machine, my manual Nikon EM, some magazines, a sketchbook I made and Paprika! I won't kid myself and go completely tech free, I need my kindle ;) I'm hoping for some fishing, long drives, evenings by the fire, quiet sewing on Bee & maybe starting my garden!

Until then, sewing, cleaning, taking it semi-easy & packing! I lost my house keys so I gotta find them too!!! >:(