I've been feeling a little cramped in my sewing room (aka our dining room) lately and with a new machine coming hopefully soon...I knew I had to do some rearranging.

I sew on our dining room table that is normally centered in the room. Today I pushed it against the window and I'm already in LOVE. Being able to sit today with the sun on my face, watching the orchard across the street, was AMAZING. I'm not sure how it'll be with the air conditioner on me during the summer but for now, I love it!!! It's supposed to rain this week and I'll love whatever natural light filters in...I hate sewing with the overhead light on, it makes everything seem yellow and harsh.

I started working on a project for today based on a fabric that I just HAD to have.

It's called Bonehead by Michael Miller. It's funny because it's not really an "Amanda" fabric but next thing I knew I designed a whole spring-y quilt around it! Sometimes it's really fun to do something that isn't really "you", it feels playful & exciting! I feel like a rebel!