{~*Friday Already?!*~}

Where did this week GO? It was like it was here and then POOF! Gone!

Here's what I've been up too!

  • The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery is having a GIVEAWAY! And we'd love it if you hopped over entered! Even if you don't cross stitch, give it a try, you'll be surprised how fun it is!
  • Registration opened for The Sewing Summit! Seriously EXCITING. This would be a great way to spend your tax return. Don't forget, I'm talking about mini quilts! Eeek!
  • March's Fruit of the Month is KIWI!!!! So cute!!!
  • Kim shared a recipe (and gorgeous photos) that I'm dying to try this weekend...Chai from Scratch!
  • I'm currently reading this & I have to say...the lead character bugs me. It's like reading rich, show-off, yuppie-ish couple who happen to be a witch & vampire. I'm hoping it gets better.
  • Moving my sewing table has been the best idea EVER. I love love love the light, it makes me want to do nothing but sew sew sew! And my grass egg head is growing nicely in my windowsill.
  • I can't get this scarf out of my mind!
  • This makes me laugh hysterically!
  • I'm hoping to take the Chop out for frozen yogurt tonight! I love realllllly tart yogurt with almonds, coconut & granola. Delish!

What are you up too?