This weekend I got to spend time with my bestfriend & her fiance. Chop & I took them to pinkberry in Sacramento.

One of my all time favorite things on earth is frozen yogurt. Not sugary sweet ice cream-y crap, but actual YOGURT. I love it very tart & crisp. Pinkberry has one of my favorite base yogurts, but it's a little over an hour away from us! :( But we always go whenever we are in the area.

We have a local place called JanYo, we visit there seriously once a week. It REALLY good. Their base yogurt is good but I wish it was a tad crisper. But they are SO nice & the place is immaculate, which is important because who wants to eat yogurt in a dirty place? blech! They also have a zillion toppings, although I'm boring & generally do coconut & almonds. Chop is an out of control yogurt eater. He always gets chocolate with 5 different kinds of cereal, candy bar pieces, nuts...he's basically an EVERYTHING yogurt eater. I do like that pinkberry has honey! I've thought about sneaking honey into JanYo, if there is something I'm obsessed more with than yogurt..it's honey!

I'm amused by how much Californian's love fro-yo, we recently went on a trip down & counted 6 yogurt places within 3 miles of each other! That's crazy! Is yogurt really popular in other areas?