{*~Happy St. Patrick's Day!~*}



Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Today I've been working on Star-y Log Cabin E-Course PDFs & a very fun project... Erin invited me to take part in Mug Rug Madness! It will be ten days of tutorials & fun stuff...I did a very traditional block & I'll be hand quilting today. Woohoo!

Part of the reason why I love hand quilting is the floss & colors. I love Cosmo floss best. You can buy it by the skein or on little spools. And the little green notion is my FAVORITE, it's an embroidery floss threader. I stuck some ribbon on it so it can stay stuck to my scissors.

I've been sewing along on my new friend & I am LOVING IT!!!! It is amazing to be able to just sit down & sew. No adjusting settings. No drama. Just quick, quiet sewing. I've been whipping up SO many tiny personal projects lately because it is EASY. Laminated fabric? No problem. Making potato bags? Easy peasy. Sewing itty bitty pieces? Simple!

Yesterday I made this bread and because I was skyping while I was baking I accidentally added a full package of yeast, used bread flour, two whole eggs...the list keep going on & on. I just went with it and low & behold..it's AMAZING! Best bread ever! I made the honeyed brown butter as well. I made the butter from scratch, I had some cream in the fridge I wanted to use up. Let's just say this butter is like HEAVEN. I used a new to me honey, Sutter Buttes Star Thistle! It was wonderful. Very light with a mellow flavor.

I wish I had a scrap gnome to do this to my scraps. Or maybe I can convince Karyn to just come over & help me sort!?

I'm absolutely positively craving Mexican Food right now! I'm wondering if I can convince the Chop to go out for nachos.... ;)