{*~Some Good Stuff~*}


Guys! You totally made my day with all your kind comments on Kim's giveaway (Julia won! Woohoo!) & my mug rug tutorial!

I had a few questions & I thought I'd dedicate a bit of this blog post to answering them!

Yahaira asked: if since I do 2 inch binding, do I still use a 1/4 inch seam when machine sewing in down? The answer is Yes! I then just fold over and hand stitch as normal.

Em asked: which color freespirit designer solid did I use? Unfortunately I'm not sure but judging by the swatches on their website it's either gold or spark gold!

Andrea@knittybitties asked about my mug and it's by a gal named Catherine Reece! She makes cute stuff that can be found here.

Jacque asked about the hand quilting of the waves & if I had a tutorial/free hand quilted them. I don't have a tutorial but I first drew the waves on the quilt top & then used them as a guide for the hand quilting!

Hopefully that helps everyone a little bit!

Tonight I'm hand quilting a mini quilt that will be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to Japan. I'll come back later on this week with details. It's a popup shop with a lot of talented folks! I'm very excited that they asked me to join in! Hand quilting is just so relaxing and peaceful. I get up around 5:30 am & run around like a CRAZY person and at night hand work really calms me down and forces me to focus. I love it.

Did I tell you guys I gave up caffeine? This diet coke & iced coffee addict quit cold turkey, no more caffeine! I was drinking wayyy too much & had the jitters really really bad. So now I'm on an ice water & peppermint iced tea kick. The first & second day I had a headache but now I'm fine, it's been about 2 weeks now!

This afternoon I took a break, went down to Starbucks, had an iced tea and planned out my April schedule. One of the best things I've started doing was keeping a planner & calender. I write down exactly what I need to do each day, when each of my bills are due, when I'm due to be paid for projects, when stuff needs to be mailed by, etc. It helps a LOT. Sometimes things come up & I have to shuttle things around but it's been really helpful for me. I also write down weekly goals and check in on them on Saturdays.

Ok, off to quilt! Have a great night friends!!!