I almost blogged telling you that I was throwing in the towel, giving up sewing completely, never buying another fabric and deleting my blog.

But that would be a mean April Fool's Joke.

I've LOVING the sunshine here in Northern California. Maybe a little too much. (read that as I gave myself the worst sunburn in my life)

I'm working on the above mini quilt for one thousand wishes, I was hoping to finish it this morning but as I sat working on it yesterday I realized I didn't like the silk thread. So I pulled out all my hand quilting and started over. And I'm much happier. Once I finish the mini I'll give you links & info about Ali's popup shop for Japanese relief.

This morning The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery welcomed a Guest Designer, Kaye Prince! She's designed the cutest cross stitch pattern, Itching to be Stitching! and Ashleigh sent out the newest Fruit of the Month , CHERRIES!!!

I have a LOT of sewing to do this month & I'm so jazzed! It's going to be a B L A S T! I get really excited when I draw something, sew something and then the finished result actually LOOKS like the drawing.

This upcoming weekend I'm going to a quilting retreat and I'm DYING of excitement. It's a mystery quilt sponsored by Redwood Sewing Center (aka Scottie Dog Quilts) and it's at the Eureka Inn. When Chop & I lived in Eureka we'd frequently take walks by the Inn and would swear it was haunted. I'm really hoping it's not. Haha! I've been trying to figure out what fabric to make my quilt from but before that can happen I decided I needed a new bag to carry all my supplies in. That makes sense right?

I ordered the Weekender pattern, cut it all out, started sewing it...and I'm hoping to get it done by Monday. Because I'm leaving Friday. I can do that right?!

Did you see Karyn is going to be talking about Bernina's on her blog now? I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not but I've traded in my Bernina 820 & got a Bernina 440QE & a long arm. I absolutely LOVE the QE. Like, LOVE. I'm currently sewing the piping on that bag, going through 6 layers of fabric using the zipper foot with NO problems. Yeah. ZIPPER FOOT. Not even the walking foot. I just LOVE it.

What are you up too this weekend? I'm hoping we can visit Colusa Western Days tomorrow!