{*~Rainy Monday~*}


If last week could be summed up in one word it would be "exhausting". Not in a bad way, just a lot of stuff!

The highlight was Saturday! We went to the Red Bluff Round Up! I've never been to a rodeo before and it was SO much fun. I made a little pouch that screamed "SUNNY COUNTRY DAY!!!" to hold my phone & i.d (and beer money ;)) I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, seriously, SO fun. Completely fascinating. The girls doing barrel racing totally stole my heart. I was in awe. I got to see the Budweiser Clydesdales who are the most magnificent creatures ever. And I saw some giant buffaloes and watched mule races (did you know I'm obsessed with mules & donkey's?)  I realize I want a horse so bad it isn't even funny. A small little farm for Chop & I with a barn for quilting. Lots of space for a garden, a cat, a dog (Chop wants a lab!) & a horse. And a burro.

If you told 20 year old Amanda that she'd be at a rodeo having the time of her life, she'd scoff and then go to Nordstrom. 28 year old Amanda is a completely different person. I want a completely different lifestyle than what I started out life wanting. I wish I had found a simpler way of life then, I'd have saved myself a lot of heartache (and debt! who needs expensive stuff when your just going to work at home?!). I love a lot of things that don't have a price tag..riding my bike, sitting outside reading, painting, cooking & baking, going for drives with Chop...I guess that's all part of growing up?

I've been practicing on my long arm lately, I had three quilt tops that were old that I finished up, I can always tell which tops are old because it was back when I didn't believe in using pins...haha. I'm getting more comfortable with it but practice is always fun. I quilted the above quilt using aurifil and it was so pretty to watch it quilt (it's variegated white to aqua!).

I just put pork a l'orange in the crock pot. I LOVE making this. I slice half an onion thinly and put it on the bottom of the crock pot. Then I add the chops and I drizzle homemade bbq sauce on top with some larrupin, cinnamon and honey. And then I add a bit of orange juice, about half way up the chops...cover and cook on low until everyone comes home. So good! Sometimes I add brown sugar but I got a new honey I wanted to try this time. :)

I have so many things to share and work on this week but I want to show you my friend Jackie's awesome book she made, Goodnight Worcester! I think she might be one of my oldest friends & we reconnected on facebook. So great!!! Imagine making a book for your kids so they can be inspired by the place you call home? Brilliant!

Have a great Monday pals!