{*~Spring Inspiration~*}


Thanks so much everyone for your great comments on my last post! I was blown away! I wish I could reply to each one but unfortunately I'm still playing catch up and I'm behind on projects. But please know that I read, thought about & appreciated all of them. You guys are all AWESOME.

Right now I'm working on a few neat projects for some of my favorite designers for Quilt Market and a few book projects. I'm hoping to get everything done & wrapped up by Friday. It's all fun stuff, cross stitches, mini quilts & throw pillows. Plus a bread basket...but that's for a friend, not QM ;)

In the meantime, I'm day dreaming about a new quilt for our bed. Normally I love all things precise and neutral but lately I want something super CHEERFUL and CRISP and FUN and LIBERATED for our room. I missed the boat a few years back when everyone was making white + tons of color quilts. It's totally in my mind now!

I am really inspired by Penny, she is SO clever with her piecing. Last night I couldn't sleep & was scouring flickr, gathering inspiration and pinning it when I remembered her awesome Asterisk Block! And then I saw Dorrie is making some! Light bulbs were flashing. So I bought Penny's pattern, I think I'm going to make some big & small asterisks, plus some liberated churn dash & stars! That sounds crazy fun right? I'm hoping I can buy some new cute sheets for our bed on sale too.

Speaking of sheets, yesterday I got a new Garnet Hill catalog.

And they had some GREAT quilt inspiration!

These were my two favorites:

(whirlwind quilt)

I feel like this quilt reminds me so much of something Nova or Yahaira would create! Except they'd make it radder! I love the chunky hand quilting. Also, that bed frame is BEAUTIFUL!

(Nantucket Awning Quilt)

I LOVE this one! It's so graphic and preppy and RAD! I grew up in MA and every summer I daydream of fried clams, my grandfather's boat shoes, l.l.bean boat & totes, afternoons at Nahant and humid nights. In reality my summers in CA are 115 degrees, IPA, flip flops from April-October, sunglasses from 6 am til 9 pm, Target tank tops & fish tacos!

REGARDLESS! Back to this quilt! I love it! Those scallop-y-fans! Those colors! <3!

  • We planted a garden this weekend. And are building another raised bed this weekend!
  • I'm going to try backing some quilts with sheets. The lobster one especially!
  • Cauliflower Pizza Crust?! I'm there!
  • Instagram is pretty fun!
  • Chop & I are in LOVE with Adventure Time, it is so kawaii!!!
  • I bought this kit yesterday. It's going to be my summer project that I'll take with me camping & when I'm sitting outside at night with Chop. Now of course I want to sew a new Hoop Travel Bag. Why is it that whenever I start a new project, I automatically want a new bag to carry it around in? Do you do that too?


Have a great Tuesday!