{*~Seeing Stars..and fish?~*}


It's no secret I love stars. I'm pretty sure I could sew sawtooth blocks 100x and not get bored. And have it look completely different each time. I love that about classic blocks.

This week I made Lizzy some pillows for her Quilt Market booth. She sent me a GIANT box of scraps from her upcoming line, 1001 Peeps. (It's amazing! Your going to love it!) After a few skype dates, I got to work. I made very simple pillows and used some of the scraps to make a giant hoop travel bag for a project I'm working on. But somehow she didn't have a cute bag to carry her embroidery around in, so I shipped off the pillows & bag for her. I hope she loves it and uses it to death. I attempted improv piecing and it's not my strong suit, but it's very fun to play with!

I also finished up 4 big projects this week so that means I can actually breathe deep and not feel so stressed. I'm finishing up 3 more, including the last star-y e-course pdfs. It's going to feel amazing to get everything done. Sweet RELIEF!!!

Our bed currently has our wedding quilt on it and it's starting to look a little rough. I wash our bedding once a week and it's not falling apart or anything but a few prints are looking slightly faded. And I want to increase it's lifetime. So that totally means I need a new quilt right? Right? Haha. I want WHITE and bits of color. And crisp white sheets. And fancy pillowcases. And I want white curtains. I've already mentioned all this in a previous post, so just go with it k?

I drew up a few options in EQ and ended up with something simple. Very classic. But special. I have someone in mind for quilting it. I'm going to hopefully finish it by the end of the month & it'll be a pattern published by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. That's exciting right?

Lately the Chop & I have been FISHING. Like, EVERY night. It's so much fun! We bring chairs, fishing poles, drinks & just sit outside next to a pretty pond. Except I've become obsessed with it. And it's my goal to catch like, a ZILLION. The other night I caught over 15 blue gills! That sounds impressive until you google what they are. Haha. I'm teasing Chop that soon I'll be sponsored by RealTree & suddenly I'll trust my life to my fishing pole ala Jim Shockey (google him!)!

Hope your having a good Thursday!!! :):)