Chop & I just got back from a super great trip! We went up to Sierra City for the weekend. We stayed at the Butte's Resort, they had a last minute cancellation & we were able to book the cutest cabin. On Saturday it SNOWED. And it stuck! We went for tons of walks, took zillions of photos, went for some beautiful drives through Tahoe National Forest, visited some great historic sites and played cards. I read two books & crocheted. So relaxing! I also got a book by a local author all about prostitution in the west, it's super fascinating, I love reading about local history.

I had no cell service the entire time & I LOVED IT. I feel guilty when I'm behind on emails, tweets, flickr, blah blah blah, which is silly because it's supposed to be fun! So I'm going to spend the rest of the summer with limited internet time.

One thing I'm pretty into right now (aside from fishing!) is shooting my bow! Chop & I recently celebrated our five year anniversary & he bought me a compound bow! I was totally surprised and SO excited. I picked pink camo because I'm not really a "pink" kind of girl & thought it would be fun to have something bright. We set up a target & some hay in our backyard and we've been spending the evenings getting the bow sighted in. I love shooting a bow more than shooting a gun, it's really satisfying in a completely different way. I think we might check out a local archery range this week.

As I was packing for the weekend I realize I've accomplished one of my goals. I've always wanted a life surrounded by handmade things. I remember when I very first started sewing 5 years ago, I got this great Japanese craft book and the interiors of the homes featured were filled with patchwork. Not just full sized quilts, but every day usable goods, I was inspired that they put a mini quilt over a computer monitor when it wasn't in use. And I fell in love. This little snap shot includes: Amy Butler Weekender, handmade pillowcases, my crochet carrying box bag, a sewing kit, a kindle cozy, a scarf, a picnic quilt & a little pouch for important stuff. Chop & I joke that as soon as I get something new, I have to sew a cozy for it and it's SO true. I love making little easy patchwork from scraps. It's so satisfying. He's been encouraging me to sell some one of a kind little pouches & stuff, I think I might give it a go this week! I'll let you guys know if I do.

This week Angela & I will be blogged about The Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long & I'm so excited. I'm going to sort some scraps this afternoon to get ready for it. It's 111 blocks, two blocks a week! A veryyyyy long term project. But the blocks are SMALL, only 6x6! so two blocks a week shouldn't be too tricky!

See you then!