{*~Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long Week 3~*}

Hi Gang!

I'm sorry I didn't post my blocks yesterday! I learned the hard way what happens when you have the AC going at full blast, plus your sewing machine, tv, iron and a few other goodies. I got to spend part of my day without any electricity because I blew a fuse. I did this last summer but for some reason I forgot about watching how many things I have going on at once...eek! I blame 90+ degrees after weeks of like, 60's! Hey Northern California Summer! Nice to see you!!!!


So here is block #5- Bat Wing!

I'm not going to lie, with a name like Bat Wing, I *really* wanted to make it in Halloween fabric. If you are unfamiliar with my blog, I am OBSESSED with Halloween. I know I'm going to want to add some Halloween blocks probably in September & October, so I held off. Barely. Instead I went with a darker block, something still fairy tale-ish & fun!

Fabrics used:

Lizzy House 1001 Peeps (love love love!)

A random polka dot that I bought last weekend with Tracey. It's Marcus Bros, but that's all my fq had of the selvedge.



Block #6: Big Dipper

Wowzers! This block sure looks busy & fancy. Can I tell you that lately I'm really obsessed with lilac & aqua? They are just so fresh together. I know red & aqua is the favorite among quite a few of my pals *ahem, Monica* but I'm all about trying new things. So, lilac & aqua!

Fabrics used:

Tula Pink: Parisville

Rosalie Quinlan: Sweet Broderie

Here are all the blocks so far!

Hey not to bad right?!

Confession: I am the most obsessive quilter ever. I sometimes make the same quilt like, 10 times in my head before I even cut fabric. I sketch, I EQ, I generally need to have 100% control over each & every single project I work on. But! Life *SO* doesn't work like that. And after Chop's health scare, I'm learning to...be a little less obsessive in all areas in my life. Not everything in life is within my control and this is my one, completely out of control project. And I'm not going to lie, it's SO.MUCH.FUN. I'm sewing blocks by the seat of my pants. I'm grabbing random fabrics and throwing them together. I'm making combos & being reckless. And guess what? It's not HEINOUS. I've seen a lot of quilters on flickr stressing out about fabric choices. And that's totally cool. But scrappy is a-ok! I'm rocking it! Embrace the crazy!


I have a tip! It might be helpful, it might not. But it worked for me!

When I started Big Dipper, I grabbed two colored pencils, one purple, one aqua and I scribbled on the foundation paper! This way I'd remember the order of the fabrics. Otherwise I'd get confused because the block isn't assembled the same way as the book.

Be sure to swing by Angela's blog and say hi! Her blocks this week are so freaking cute! A few members of the flickr group have made some great blog buttons, they are a few pages in. Make sure you add your blog post from this week to the thread! And tell us what type of Farmer's significant other you are!

I had a run in this morning with the wind, the car door and my toe, so I'm working on computer work all day, but tune in tomorrow!