{*~Farmers Wife Quilt-a-long Week 5~*}

Hey everyone! Week 5! That's exciting right???

Things have been fun and BUSY around here lately. I spent the morning finishing up some custom sewing, finishing star-y log cabin (being proof read! woot!), organizing my scraps and this afternoon I had my first visit with a personal trainer. What an eye opening experience THAT was! ;) I'm heading back out to yoga in a bit so now I'll sit here with some yogurt and chat with you about my blocks for this week.

They were E A S Y. And that made me SO excited. Next weeks look tricky!


Block # 9 Eccentric Star

This is fun right? I made it yesterday when it was pouring outside and I was day dreaming of bright summer mornings!

Fabrics used:

Tula Pink- Prince Charming

Erin McMorris- Weekends. I got this fat quarter two weeks ago and I was DYING to use it.


Block #10 Bow tie!

I was SO excited to open the book and see this weeks block was a bow tie. I've been wanting to sew them for ages, since falling in love with these by Angela, Brioni, & Jess. And then there is this facebook group for a summers worth of bow ties.

Needless to say, I was straight up GIDDY. And now I want an entire bow tie quilt. I can sense a theme going on, I sew a block, fall in love, want an entire quilt worth. Oh boy. This quilt a long is going to be spurring like 900 more quilts ;)

One of my goals for this quilt is once a month, during the last week of the month, embroider the name of the month and year on it. I originally went to dafont.com, picked out a cute font and was going to use that. But it's my personal quilt, so I thought maybe I should use my own handwriting. Here's the thing, I have AWFUL penmanship. Ask anyone who's ever received a package from me, my mom, Chop...it's just known. It's my own messy handwriting and I'm going to rock it!

Fabrics Used:

Anna Maria Horner: Innocent Crush Voile

Denyse Schmidt: Hope Valley

Michael Miller text

Cosmo embroidery floss color #486


I had planned on using a website to create a farmer's wife themed playlist but realized I'm not that tech savvy so it might have to wait until next week. Be sure to say hey-yo to Angela, stop by flickr and post your blocks & encouragement to others! We have 566 members! That is AWESOME! Let's keep up the great sewing. You can join at ANY time, there is NO SUCH thing as being late to the group! If you buy the kindle/ipad edition of the book, check out flickr for where to find templates, links to the yahoo group & tons of other info!

Also, swing by Karyn today & admire her new hand quilted hoop travel bag...it's a looker!

ok! Time for yoga! Have a great night pals!