We've been doing a little bit of camping lately. It's pretty great! We have an off road custom built trailer, it's kind of like a wall tent meets a tent trailer. You can ride your quads on top of it to haul it around places. Pretty fun.

In the mornings I have hot chai and yogurt. And stare off into space. In the mornings I'm a distracted space cadet.

It was super pretty, we stayed in the McCloud area! It was pretty warm, 90s. But then again here at 8:30 am it was already 88, so waking up at like, 65 was NICE!

I wasn't feeling so hot so I mostly read. A lot. 6 books. All fluff but fun!

The inside of the trailer has two beds...this was our side, my father in law has the other one. We have 0 degree mummy bags that came in super handy two weekends ago but this past weekend we just slept under a quilt on top of the bags. We also got these great camp beds from Cabela's, they roll out and are super soft! Our bags zip together too. I'm a barnacle to Chop when I sleep at night. And I can't sleep without a bear. Yup. I admitted it!

This week is looking full and jam packed full of good stuff, which is always exciting. Our garden is freaking out, the tomatoes refuse to be contained by their cages, zucchini is growing crazy fast, tomatoes EVERYWHERE (but still green), peppers are growing and I got two new plants this weekend so I think we are building another bed tonight.

  • I just got this bat pattern, I'm so excited to have a little flock of bats!
  • You can now shop theworkroom online! This makes me SO SO SO EXCITED! so much COSMO floss! Japanese craft books! Purse supplies! Ahhh!!!
  • The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery has a new caffeine themed pattern!
  • Guys. It's JULY. Sewing Summit is in OCTOBER. That is SO SOON!!! I'd love it so much if I got to meet a bunch of you!!! Tickets are selling fast!
  • I'm pretty obsessed with my longwinterfarm black coconut perfume. I totally copied Karyn and it was so A M A Z I N G!!! The pumpkin cheesecake lip balm is pretty great too!
  • On Saturday I'm taking the entire day off and doing nothing but watching Halloween movies and starting my swoon quilt. Maybe listening to Harry Potter on my ipod. I just have to get my mile long to do list DONE! But first...more Halloween inspiration!
  • Check out Angela's super pretty Christmas quilt!


Have a good Tuesday! See you again soon for Farmers Wife week 6!