{~*Farmers Wife Weeks 6 & 7*~}

Wowzers! Life got so busy so fast! And it has been FUN busy! Not stressed busy.

I had two deadlines to finish up last week and  Tracey came over to sew! Two days of friend time! and then Ashleigh came over! It was like my social calendar exploded. Haha. I'm SUCH a homebody and having friends to sew/hang out/snack with has been so much fun.

Tracey taught me how to Swoon. I've made two blocks and keep planning ways to make more more more! I'm going to do all 9 and I'm dying of excitement. It's all I can think about. Don't you love when that happens?

Well then I realized I was neglecting my Farmer's Wife duties so I was up at 6am to work on them...and it was a PERFECT day. It was surprisingly chilly in the morning, I rode my bike to Starbucks in jeans and a sweatshirt! I had the windows open, my favorite music (Blake Shelton's new cd! best!) and a skinny caramel decaf latte...SO GOOD. Just quietly stitching along...Bee fits on the kitchen table and for some reason I like sewing in the kitchen better than in my sewing space.


Have you met Bee yet? Bee is my 1951 Featherweight. She's pretty sweet, I call her Bee because featherweights have a neat little buzzing sound when they sew. And I love bees. Towards the end of the sewing session she wasn't holding her bobbin tension very well, I think she needs a good cleaning this afternoon.

Ok, back to the blocks!

They are:

  1. #11 Broken Dishes- Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush & Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley. I like to think of this as a sophisticated Pumpkin themed block ;)
  2. #12 Broken Sugar Bowl- This is called the Lucinda block.  She sent me an awesome package of scraps this week, FFA3 scraps left over from a pair of pants she made her son, some halloween fabric, some riley blake! Totally inspiring. You should check out her meylah shop, SO CUTE! I think I might need to do more scrap swapping for these blocks! I'm also glad I got some horseshoe/rodeo fabric! totally fits!
  3. #14 Butterfly at the Crossroads- Cake Rock Beach & Heather Ross FFA. This block was REALLY fun to make.
  4. #13 Buckwheat. This block. Oh boy. Tricky! I couldn't seem to wrap my head around it and thought I made a mistake at least ten times. I can't remember the teal flowers, but I got them in Eureka, the V&A print I got from Karyn & the dots are Kaffe!

Be sure to say Hey to Angela! Her little red riding hood block? STOLE MY HEART! I'm trying to organize all my block posts into my sidebar, along with links to Angela's posts and the flickr group (683 members! GASP!) Give me a few days to figure it out.  ;)